Hats autumn winter 2013 2013

Many of us wear hats in order to protect ourselves from the cold. You can choose a headdress for beauty, it will also be warm, like your old hat. Hot summer days we often wear various caps and barriers, in winter it is mainly knitted warm hats. Autumn-winter 2012-2013 headdress is a section in which you can easily choose an accessory for any time of the year. What will bring us the coming 2013, let’s talk about it. A wide collection of hats consists of many new products. Here are the most trendy new products of the 2012-2013 hats.

Fur hat

I am very positive about the furs, it is so beautiful and most importantly warm. For a cold winter, in the new collection of hats, autumn-winter 2012-2013, you can see different models of fur caps. Fur products – are the main for the cold winter. Each fur thing is primarily luxury and beauty. Fur caps received their popularity in 60-70 years. But, despite their age, fur and various hats of fur are present in the new collection. The head of the headdress in the collection has different colors. The fur hat of dazzling white color looks very beautiful. Such a headdress is able to turn from every girl into a real Snow Maiden. For a cold winter, this type of headdress is considered necessary.

Cowboy hats

In the new season, it is fashionable to wear cowboy things. For example, a checkered shirt and cowboy boots today are the leaders of the environment of fashionable things. For all lovers of this style, the collection presented options for a cowboy hat.

Hats “Klosh”

Feminine heading models received their revival in the twenties. In the collection of 2012-2013, the hats “Klosh” are not the last place. If you want to supplement your outfit with elegance, the Klosh hat will help you with this. From all this, it turns out that the model of such a hat is very feminine. Ah, this means that it can be safely worn with a classic suit, let it be a blouse and skirt. Designers also advise wearing such a headdress at celebrations, for example, at the day of birth or at a corporate party.

Hats “Fedor”

The belief species of such a headdress is considered the most universal. Models of such a plan appeared in the nineteenth century. Currently, head -up models made in the style of “Fedor” are perfect for both men and women. The head of the banty as we noted is quite universal, which means that you can wear it to almost any along.

Headbearing in the form of a “cylinder”

This type of headgear looks pretty unexpected. But, despite their appearance, it is precisely such models that are considered fashionable in the new season. Hats in shape resembling a cylinder gained popularity in the nineteenth century. You do not often meet such a head accessory in a modern person, they can only be seen on fashionable catwalks. Where to wear such a hat in the form of a cylinder? The thematic party or the theater, in such places a hat in the form of a cylinder is perfect.

The headdress in the form of a cylinder is for those who love to bring novelty in their appearance.

Fashion as we all know, change, wearing various models of a headdress can be safely with different ensembles. Experiment and come up with your elegant ensembles.