GMO genetically modified products

In the modern world every day to conduct various research and scientific achievements. Nowadays, more than 1000 genomodified crops have been bred by scientists. About 100 have already been allowed and entered into industrial production. Here are a few types of such crops – potatoes, wheat, corn, rice, tomato, peanuts, soy. These are only a few species, and there are a lot of them.

In modern science, tests and experiments of the action of gene inserts on the human body and animals are carried out. Experiments that were carried out in laboratories over animals do not delight us yet. Experienced rats that received genetically modified all over from food, or some began to occur various diseases in the flesh to infertility. We all know very well what role genes play in our body, they control the structure of cells in our tissues, their further development and structure and subsequent deaths. A healthy person has normal t genes. e structure and function and development, with such genes, our body works correctly and there is no deviation and development of various diseases. A person with healthy genes can live normally, without thinking about various diseases and deviations throughout life.

If we take Russia, for example, then only 6% of the products that contain GMOs. And of course, do not forget, but you must always show interest in the product used. The labels of which indicate chemicals that are part of this product. Here is an example of only 95% of the imported soybean of genetically modified, this is in Russia.