Italian regions

The unity and variety of the regions of Italy.

Whoever says that it knows Italy like his five fingers, do not believe him, because he can only know the small part of this unusual and beautiful country. The most diverse regions of Italy can meet a traveler here and do it completely differently, so even if you have been to Trentino, or a brand, you can never say with confidence that you are accurately imagining what is happening in Calabria or Piedmont.

Each of the regions of Italy is both at the same time similar to others and at the same time a completely different piece of Italy, so if you plan to not just go to some city of this wonderful country, then you will definitely need a map of Italy with the regions.

The convenience of such a card lies in the fact that without unnecessary problems and trouble you can pave the convenient route that will show you the most interesting and picturesque parts of this country. In addition, get a convenient tourist card in advance, on which the most important attractions will be marked, because after a short time after the start of your visit to certain regions of Italy, you can completely forget about your plans to visit other cities and see other attractions.

We also advise you to go on a trip to Italy either by a hitchhiking or using a rented car, because it is not only convenient, but also practical, because you allows you to move from place to place without unnecessary problems and visit even the most remote corners of this wonderful country.

Each of the corners of this country will tell you its personal history of the formation of Italy, share interesting views and beauties, feed delicious food and offer to have fun in the style in which it is customary to relax in this region, so do not close the most interesting doors in front of you and go to Journey through Italy as soon as possible.

Abruzzo Molze




Venice and Veneto



Lazio Rome

Liguria [9]

Lombardy [10]

Mark [11]

Piedmont [12]

Sicily [13]

Tuscany [14]

Trento-Alto-Adidge [15]

Umbria [16]

Friuli-Venice-Julia [17]

Emilia Romania [18]

Italian regions map