Aromatic baths

Aromatic baths

How do you feel smooth and glossy skin, the delicate smell of your favorite spirits? But these bathrooms for aromatic baths can be terribly expensive.

Instead of spending your money on expensive bathrooms, why not make your own aromatic bath? For many years now I have been pouring into my hot bath of ordinary baby oil, and then add a few drops of the perfume available.

Until I read the autobiography of the famous Vogue editor Diana Vriland, I did not know that it was stupid. She describes one rich young woman who poured all the contents of the bubble of expensive spirits into the aromatic bath: “Of course, the bath with spirits will not give you anything – there is no oil in it, only alcohol. This is just a wide gesture, it was wasteful to madness “. Spirits simply evaporate in hot water, but they “bind” with oil.

Aromatic bath options:


So instead of spending your perfumes in a fit of crazy waste, this is what you should do for an aromatic bath. First pour a little baby oil into a small cup, add a few drops of your perfume. Shake it, then pour it into the bath! The oil will not evaporate and preserve the aroma of perfume for you. Put on the surface of several freshly cut flowers as a final stroke of charm. Just do not forget to erase the oil with some detergent from the bottom of the bath, so as not to slip and do not fall on your royal fifth point the next time you take a shower.