How to choose a day cream?

Support for health, skin beauty helps high -quality, regular care. It is impossible to do without day cream, which is applied every morning. The range of such cosmetics in modern stores is great, which sometimes complicates the choice. It should be understood that day cream has certain properties that allow the skin to deliver the necessary substances to protect it from harmful effects.

When choosing a daily cream, it is necessary to take into account the individual type of skin. When developing a composition for dry, normal, oily dermis, manufacturers include different components that can feed the skin, normalize the effect of the sebaceous glands. This makes it possible to carefully care for any type of skin, maintain its health and beauty.

It is known that ultraviolet rays are the main provocateur of the aging of the dermis, the appearance of wrinkles, changes in the shade. Therefore, special filters are included in the daily cream that allow you to protect the skin from negative effects. Adding extracts of medicinal plants allows you to enhance the positive effect of day cream.

A protective film that does not allow external factors to affect the skin, allow you to create fatty acids, lactic acid, amino acids. These elements must be present in the day cream. The presence of antioxidants in the cosmetic agent allows you to suspend aging processes, allow you to create reliable protection.

There are other important elements that are required for nutrition, restoration of the structure of the skin. These are vitamins, hyaluronic acid, vegetable, essential oils, etc. They allow you to maintain the elasticity and contours of the face, a beautiful shade, protect against the appearance of premature wrinkles. Before you go to the store for buying, you should ask the news of famous manufacturers. For example, reviews about Desheli cosmetics can be seen on many sites and forums.