Stylish accessory requiring special attention

Oh, this image. A woman is sometimes ready to spend time and money to search and create her style. But any beautiful lady is known – beauty is built from details. One of these raisins is a wristwatch.

The dial will allow not only to keep up with everywhere, but will also undoubtedly decorate its owner. Watches are also a status subject. Because the more exclusive the mechanism, the higher the status of its wearing.

And character? It is possible to predict a woman’s disposition in the appearance of a watch on the handle.

The watch offered on sale is amazing with their diversity. Any form, size, material of manufacture can satisfy any preferences.

Metal or leather straps, narrow or wide, with stones, jewelry or completely smooth – you can choose any. And now the hand looks completely different.

The clock manufacturer is also very important. What to choose – an expensive branded model or elegant hours, you decide. But all the same when choosing, it is worth paying attention to some moments.

The age of the woman.

Ladies in age should abandon the excessive decoration of the hour and frivolous design. Preference should be given to simple, but well-known brand with mechanisms, with a fairly large dial, and you can always choose them /Watch /Ulysse-Nardin.

But young girls can afford a lot. Any excesses and original design will be to face. But even in this case, one should take into account the genus of the owners of the accessory.

Kind of activity.

Business lady is obliged to comply with her status. In this case, you can not do without well -known brands. Moreover, the hours of desirable have several. After all, it is impossible to combine the same with different outfits and the situation.

If a woman works in the field of entertainment services, then it is the clock that can be a cute and daring accessory, which will show that the owner is not devoid of a sense of mora.

Those who are often traveling or sports girls may well afford a watch with various additions in the form of a heart rate monitor or compass.

Storage of character

If by nature you are decisive and bold, then the dial is better to choose massive with large arrows and large numbers. The model may well resemble male.

Timid, young girls who want to find their soul mate, elegant watch on a thin strap will suit. Moreover, it will be leather or metallic depends on personal preferences.

This season, the retro style and sports accessories became relevant again. Clear geometric shapes and large dials do not go out of fashion.

The color is preferable white, or black. It is allowed to decorate in the form of rhinestones or precious stones.