The city of Balashikha (the reprimand of Bala Shikha comes across) – Gorodok (established in one thousand eight hundred and thirty years) in Russia.

Focusing in the Moscow zone, the largest city of the Moscow region and the largest, densely populated city district of Balashikha. More than two hundred thousand inhabitants living in this city. More, the city extended in the two thousand fourth year covers the lengthy square of Moscow. Visit the forum (Balashikha) to keep abreast of the events of this city.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Balashikha significantly increased its territory, located on the eastern side relative to Moscow in 11 km, and from. to the east. 15 km.

The city is located on the banks. Here, in the city there are an OS of railway tracks. The city of Balashikha, being on the Reutov railway line, several more platforms on the main course of the course to Moscow and to Nizhny Novgorod.

Key vehicles – Enthusiasts route (Gorky Road),

Shchelkovsky tract, Nosovokhinsky highway.

Balashikha Old Bank Center for Textile and Industrial Production (from the City foundation period).