Beef in Italian

The meat according to this recipe is very juicy, amazingly tasty and fragrant, and cooking it is completely easy. The convenience and comfort of the cooking process itself largely depends on what kind of kitchen furniture you have: here is a site where you can see all the options for such furniture – including in the best traditions of Italian design.


* meat (beef) – 1 kg

* tomatoes – 500 g

* olive oil

* dried rosemary and thyme

* basil

* salt

* Black pepper (ground)

* wine (dry white) – 200 ml

* garlic – 2 cloves

* olives (without bones) – 20 – 30 pieces

Rinse and dry the meat. Cut it with small portioned pieces along the fibers. Put everything in a bowl. Pour the meat with wine, add dried black pepper, salt, dried rosemary and thyme. Marine meat for two hours. Prepare a special sauce: chop the tomatoes on a blender and add garlic.

Heat olive oil in a deep frying pan. Fry the meat in several small techniques so that its pieces do not come into contact with each other, until the appearance of a ruddy crust. Fill the fried meat with sauce. Add olives without bones, black ground pepper, rosemary and thyme. All this simmer for 30 minutes over low heat, without opening the lids of the pan.

Italian meat is desirable to decorate with basil. This dish is better to eat with bread and a glass of red wine. If you arrange a romantic evening with your loved one, take care in advance about the situation so that the tasting process is truly magnificent. So, you can buy furniture here or just light aromatic candles and enjoy an unforgettable taste of dishes from a real Italian fairy tale!

Beef in Italian