Immunity is a kind of training of women’s intimate muscles. Each girl needs to think about the fact that when performing certain exercises, you can get rid of many problems in the future.

Even in ancient times, many peoples had their own various secret practices to maintain the pelvic and intimate muscles in the tone. Not everyone knew about this, but only the most enlightened.

A huge contribution to the development of umbilding (so they also call ginger) was made by the famous gynecologist – Arnold Kegel, who was engaged in the problem of urinary incontinence in women who gave birth to a baby. The professor was able to find out that this problem is due to the weak intimate tists of women who become such after childbirth. Then Kegel decided to develop a set of special exercises that help pumping muscle data and strengthen them.

There are certain signs of muscle weakness, which may indicate that it is time to engage in training:

urinary incontinence at loads, laughter, sneezing;


omission of the walls of the vagina;

a tendency to enter the vagina during sexual intercourse;

water getting into the vagina during the adoption of baths and shower.

All these features are not the only reasons for paying attention to their intimate muscles.

By engaging in ginger, the girl will be able to get a whole mass of pleasant bonuses that will significantly improve the quality of her life. After the course of the exercise, the vaginal tissue will pull up and acquire elasticity, the blood circulation of the pelvic organs will become more effective. Also, girls who were engaged in ginger, much easier to endure childbirth and get much more pleasure in sex.

All Kegel exercises can easily be performed at home.

One of his simplest exercises is to imagine that you need to go to the toilet “in a little”. Its essence is to strain the muscles, as if a girl wants to stop a stream of urine, without moving her legs.

Then you need to squeeze the intimate muscles for ten seconds for ten seconds, relax the same amount of time and repeat the exercise again. You need to perform three approaches.

The second exercise is similar to the first, but the muscles need to be strained for five seconds and the same rest. This technique must be performed in nine approaches.

The third exercise is to squeeze the intimate muscles for thirty seconds and relax too for thirty. It is performed twice.