Cashculus is a classic French dish and is a stewed pork beans in a pot and sausages. Something this dish is close to German cooking.

Ingredients: Pork Horus – 500 g, pork lard – 180 g, pork skin – 100, smoked sausages – 300 g, dry white beans – 2 cups, carrots – 1 pcs, onions – 2 pcs, 2 hours – 2 hours. l., Garlic – 3 cloves, laurel sheet – 1 pc, parsley, cloves, thyme, black pepper, salt – to taste

In order to prepare a cashier, it is necessary to first rinse with water a ham, from which the skin is removed on the eve. After that, the skin is boiled for three hours. The beans for the dish also need to be prepared in advance, for this it is soaked for 12 hours in salted water. After that, it is necessary to mix softened beans and cooked skins, pour a broth, which remained from the skins and water from beans. All this is cooked for some time.

As the main ingredient, Baranin Il Pork is taken, which must be cut and fry in goose fat or smulse. Bent garlic and chopped onions are added to fried meat and extinguished for a long time. Add salt, pepper, bay leaf, carrots chopped into a boiling beans.

Both components of dishes are prepared for several hours and then combined. After that, a glass of white wine and goose fat or nicheter are added, so the dish extinguishes for several minutes before the desolate. Next, you need to fry the garlic sausage chopped by small slices in a pan and transfer in a pot along with cooked meat. The dish is baked in the oven, the entire excess fluid should boil, the greens are used to decorate.