Fashion rings with emeralds

Emerald is one of the most beautiful precious stones, which since ancient times symbolizes love, faith and wisdom. They say that even the beautiful goddess Venus once did not take off the ring with an emerald. Such a stone will not leave anyone indifferent, as it looks really beautiful and rich, and if a large emerald is also in a gold frame and without flaws, then it is much more expensive than a diamond.

The fashion for jewelry dictates its own rules, where not only design is important, but also the quality itself. For this simple reason, choosing a ring, pay attention to the quality of the stone itself and the material from which the cut is made. It is believed that the real color of the emerald ranges from light green to saturated green color. The darker the shade, the better and more expensive the stone itself.

If you prefer to dress in a restrained style, that is, you mainly work in the office and do not like to attract attention to your person too much, a great option with a small stone in a gold cut. It is important to take into account the fact that the gold with emeralds looks both yellow and white, so you can rely on your preferences.

For ladies who like to abide by the circle of friends and acquaintances, and just strangers and catch admiring glances on themselves, stylists advise choosing rings with emeralds more impressive size, because the stone itself looks so bright and colorful that it is difficult not to turn your head. This year, the rings of unusual design will be fashionable, for example, birds, flowers or plant petals. These forms, combined with emeralds, will look divine, and you can find them by clicking on the link /products /kol-ca?F = s -izumrud.

Extravagant ladies this season are advised to choose rings with a large stone. It is very cool if it is a ring on the index finger. If the size of the emerald is large, respectively, the cut should not look worse, so everything should look harmonious.

Expert experts advise women who are active in life, which is good for a fashion that has good taste and often in a circle of people. New bold designs this season will be as always by the way. But for young girls there is the following trend – a small but sweet ringle, with a small stone in a delicate cut. Such a ring can only emphasize all the beauty and tenderness of young hands.

Such trends are popular with designers this season, and what will be fashionable further, time will tell.