Striptease at home surprise your beloved

When a long relationship with a man, whose preferences and habits have long been known, need to be brought to them a certain novelty and freshness, reveal from an unexpected side. Striptease of the house, you performed by you, can help you to cope with this situation. Striptease is considered one of the options for the most effective prelude before sex. Striptease at home can completely not concede his professional option.

Home striptease rules:

In home striptease, it is completely not necessary and not even desirable to completely undress, since nudity excites men much less than the minimum number of clothes. Striptease at home involves not only undressing to the music, but also a subtle game that is aimed at inciting male desire. Sometimes for this it is enough to simply take a shoe from your feet quite erotic – depending on how it will be done.

Striptease at home does not at all require an ideal sports figure, because only girls need it, which they professionally receive money for male attention. The most basic is to be able to give your personal virtues beautifully. The main difference between home striptease and those that are carried out in nightclubs is an individual orientation. Striptease at home is made only for one person and takes into account only his own preferences.

A third of the success of home striptease depends on well -chosen music, which should start and configure you to the necessary fret of you, so your man. The composition should not be too fast or too slow, as well as monotonous. If you have some kind of song that fit into these parameters, and carries a certain semantic load for both, then you can use it as an accompaniment.

With clothes for home striptease, you can and need to experiment a little. No need to limit yourself to just a traditional dress and ordinary sexual underwear. Try to take the image of the maid, vampires, Amazons, teachers or some other.

You should not wear tights (only stockings) and costumes that have a large number of fasteners and buttons, or just too tight, since some problems may well arise with their removal.

Homemade strip shoes should be on a fairly high heel, but it is better to prepare for dancing in this shoes in advance. If you move in high heels are completely unusual and difficult, it is better to dance striptease at home barefoot. Your makeup, hairstyle and the number of clothing items also need to be considered in advance.

The temperature in the room should be as comfortable as possible. You can use aromatic candles.

Light plays a large role in home striptease, so in order for your figure to seem more mysterious and attractive, the light source is better to place behind.