Fashionable autumn clothing 2014

The arrival of autumn cannot upset a real fashionista who understands that the change of season allows you to create a new, bright and interesting wardrobe. It is necessary to take into account fashion trends, in order to find the necessary warm shades in the cloudy, gloomy autumn, to secure an attractive image. Fashionable clothing for this season is already represented by lawmakers of new trends, which simplifies the choice.

Autumn usually does not please us with good weather, sunny days. Probably, the desire to create a good mood for us, to return sunny summer days caused popularity among yellow gamut designers, which dominates this fall. You can purchase a lemon coat or jacket, with their help stand out from the crowd. It is possible to supplement the onions with fashionable details: Timberlands, yellow scarf, umbrella, handbag. When choosing outerwear, it should be noted that the most popular options are a coat of a direct silhouette.

The favorite of this fall is black. Forget that he is gloomy, boring. The image can become gorgeous when using lace, chiffon products in it. You can be sexy and charming in black leather clothes. It is enough to supplement the set of a snow -white blouse, a shirt to look elegant and charming at the same time. Dilute the strictness of black will also help fashion prints. At the peak of popularity “goose legs”, guaranteeing the originality of the image.

The red palette is in fashion, which will necessarily come in handy in the creation of a bow of energetic, sexual, sensual. The character of the image depends on the shade. This fall, outfits from brilliant materials, clothes in dark blue, emerald color are popular this fall. The main styles of this fall are: retro, casual, sports, militarians. Male cutting clothes, voluminous models that all female brands offer is popular.