Gothic makeup

Gothic makeup

Many mistakenly believe that Gothic makeup is monotonous, but in fact it can be performed in various styles and designs, can be everyday, evening or festive. In addition, depending on individual preferences, such makeup can be made not only bright, but also quite restrained.

Features of Gothic makeup:

The main attributes of Gothic makeup can be called focusing the lips and eyes in combination with the skin of a paley shade. For example, you can do Gothic eye makeup using dark eyelid shadows, black pencil or eye eyeliner, black mascara and contour pencil for lips and a saturated lipstick.

Before applying Gothic makeup, first of all, it is worth preparing the skin. To do this, apply a moisturizer to the skin, and balm to the skin of the lips. Then the leveling, then matte tonal base, the color of which should be lighter than the natural shade of the skin is applied to the face. Further, the face can be powdered, but the tone of powder must correspond to the shade of the tonal base.

When the face is prepared, you can go to makeup makeup. Although Gothic makeup is characterized by the use of dark shadows, it is not necessary to use exclusively shades of black color. So, for example, on the upper eyelid you can double or triple layer, apply a shade of dark purple or dark blue, and then gently circle the contour of the lower eyelid. After that, on the hollow between the bone and the upper century, it is necessary to apply black shadows abundantly from the outer edge of the century to its middle, it is good to shade them, and then apply them with a less noticeable layer from the middle of the century to its inner corner.

Further along the growth of eyelashes, the outline of the upper and lower eyelids must be circled with a black pencil or eyeliner. True, in this case, the eyeliner will be preferable, since the circuit circled by it will not be blurry. The creation of Gothic eye makeup is completed by applying an additional amount of mascara, which can be black or as an addition to any accessory in clothing-color. When the eyes are painted, it is also necessary to emphasize a little eyebrows.

Since in Gothic makeup, not only eyes, but also lips should attract attention, then you need to circle their contour with a pencil, but only after that apply the matte lipstick of a rich shade. Those who like brightness in everything can apply a little shine over the lipstick on top of the lipstick.

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