What caused the healing properties of Italian cuisine?

Italian Cuisine 🙂

For some reason it often turns out that the most delicious products are also the most harmful to health. However, this may seem only to a person who is distant from culinary art by visiting the site: Celebnye-Reedpty presents dishes with a kitchen Italian, as well as food of many other peoples of the world.

What is unique Italian cuisine?

It may seem to some that food from Italy is only pasta. Well, also tomatoes, as well as a large amount of garlic. In fact, these ingredients, although they occupy an important place in cooking, are still not the main! Italian cuisine includes simply a huge number of varieties of products from dough, meat, fish, seafood and much more.

By the way, if you think that only French cuisine can claim the title of the best in the world, you should find out what happened from Italian. The basic principles were laid in the time of the Roman Empire, and some ancient traditions have not been lost so far, despite the past millennia.

As for the healing properties, they are mainly due to the use of seafood. There is evidence that some of them contain substances that can greatly increase the duration of human life. In addition, they help to cope with a variety of ailments. Thus, even ordinary pizza, which is usually considered not a very useful dish, will add resistance and energetic to your body.

In Italy, by the way, pizza with seafood is one of the very expensive dishes, since rare residents of the sea are used to prepare it. True, it only stands once by trying its unusual taste, you will certainly want to.