How to choose a digital piano

Digital piano is an electronic tool, the main task of which is to achieve the approximate sound of a good acoustic tool as possible. This mainly depends on the electronics with which the equipment is a digital piano, and on the technical solutions that are used in it.

When choosing digital piano casio Rostov, remember that it will last you for more than a decade, so you should approach the choice very carefully. How to choose a digital piano?

Pay attention to the following points:

1. The digital piano should have the same number of keys as an acoustic instrument, namely 88 keys. This is especially important if you seriously decided to do music or your child goes to a music school;

2. The keys should be full -size, the same as in the acoustic piano;

3. The digital piano should have a case version of the performance in which the keyboard is located at the same height as in the acoustic tool.

4. The keyboard mechanics are of great importance. The digital piano is equipped with a hammer keyboard, which is well balanced and balanced, while the stiffness of the keystrokes gradually decreases from the keys of the lower register to the keys located in the upper register.