Fashion T -shirts 2014

T -shirts are rightfully considered one of the favorite wardrobe items. Men, women, children are happy to wear these convenient, comfortable clothing items. One of the important attractive factors is their excellent compatibility with any clothing. Stylish, fashionable T -shirts make it possible to easily create an attractive image for any case.

By the upcoming year, designers have already prepared their collections of these products. It is worth getting to know them so that the image is not only attractive, but also fashionable.

T -shirts made of synthetic materials in fashion collections are very few. The vast majority of couturier preferred natural cotton knitwear. This will allow us not only to be attractive, but also to feel comfortable. At the peak of popularity will be T -shirts made of lace fabric, which, of course, will delight creative, original fashionistas.

Mountains of models are diverse. But there is a certain feature that is worth noting. Models with a V-neck are losing their popularity, more often in fashionable T-shirts there are cuts “boat” and rounded. At the peak of fashion next year there will be T -shirts with a hood.

The collections of the upcoming season are filled with bright models. Designers made the main shades: bright blue, purple, orange, red, emerald, coral, blue.

Models with prints have been holding the palm of the championship for several years. The situation will not change next year. Portraits, landscapes, animal images will be relevant.

Hothic style admirers, the direction of punk, which will be popular next year, will find for themselves in the collections of models with skulls. There will be inscriptions in fashion. But, vulgar texts are now considered a monoton. Inscriptions should be positive, restrained. Since now you can order printing on T -shirts, each fashionista has the opportunity to apply any drawings.