Medallions from the salmon with shrimp

Ingredients:- 4 pcs.. trout fillet or salmon;- 9 pcs. Tiger shrimp;- 1 pc. lemon;- 1 pc. tomato;- pepper:- dill;- olive oil;


1) Cut the fish with slices, as this is shown in the photo. But you can buy ready -made in a supermarket, sellers have already learned to cut it correctly. Shrimp can be used by tiger, or those that you have it does not matter much, in principle, you can do without them. Judge you, shrimp will give your dish some kind of sophistication.

2) add the fish before frying, do not use pepper.

3) Warm up olive oil in a pan (this is not fundamentally, you can use sunflower), then fry the fish on it until a golden crust appears. This process is very fast so in "both" Follow the fish since it can burn.

4) When you fry the fish, put the shrimp in the pan. When they are ready, you can start the next stage – decoration. You can use all kinds of greens and lemon. Well, when everything is ready, you can pour tomatoes with olive oil and pepper everything. Serve it on the table with cold white wine and everyone will be delighted.