Fashionable bangs

There are a large number of ways of laying bangs that determine your personality. It is only necessary to lay the bangs a little differently in order to turn into a spectacular girl at one point and find your own style. What should be a fashionable bang to comply with all the trends of the current year?

Long bangs

Fashion bangs 2010 should be thick and long, although the strands may well be of different lengths. And several shades of color will give you a special charm. It is quite fashionable to wear a long bang with a slightly oblique parting so that the bang falls into one eye, closing it completely. To create such an relevant and smooth hairstyle in a slightly classic style, you need to iron the strands with an iron, then make a braid and apply a cream-wound with a brilliance.

Straight bangs

Thick, smooth and straight bangs to the eyes are a real trend of the current autumn-winter season. She should look completely unwitted, dense and glossy, which gives her face a completely direct, playful, but at the same time a slightly mysterious look. Right bangs are ideal for owners of a rectangular or elongated face. And visually increase your face length can be short, slightly above the eyebrows, straight bangs. But the bangs mowed on the side are already out of fashion, although it is she who will suit girls with a round face.

Semicircular bangs

Semicated bangs are also quite popular in the current season, as they perfectly emphasize the oval of faces. Your hair should be shiny and smooth. A special charm gives the strands of lighter shade. It is necessary to lay the hair with a hairdryer and a round brush, and slightly twist the ends of the strands inward.

Multi -level bangs

Multi -level bangs are simply magnificent, because you can lay strands of different lengths as you like, since then your hairstyle will be very spectacular and fashionable every time. For example, you can give short strands the same direction as long.