Fish under the marinade

The recipe for fish under the marinade at one time was very popular. Having an extensive choice of fish, you can cook any fish according to this recipe, it can be pink salmon, trout, as well as salmon, and cod, even Pangasius and any other fish.

The recipes of fish under the marinade are known to most hostesses, but this method of cooking in a slightly different version. The fish usually goes with a side dish as a hot appetizer, and in cold form acts as a separate dish. This recipe refers to a cold snack. The main highlight of the recipe is that the longer the fish is in the marinade, the nicer and more its taste becomes more pleasant and tender, this is due to the fact that it absorbs all the juices available in the marinade, which are there thanks to vegetables. The amount of fish products used in the recipe under the marinade is taken by the approximate, thus, it can be adjusted in accordance with the tastes and preferences. For example, someone prefers more onions you can increase the proportion, and someone likes carrots, it can also be added.


Fresh fish (you can use pink salmon, hek, and cod);

Soy sauce;


Bell pepper;


Tomato paste;

Bread flour or breading crackers;

Vegetable oil;

Black pepper;


Cooking method:

– fish must be cleaned of scales, then the insides, tail, and head are removed. Next, it must be divided into fillet with the skin.

– After that, the fish is cut across, into small pieces, the dimensions, which can be arbitrary.

– At the next stage of preparation, each individual fish piece is dipped first in soy sauce, then it must be tilted in bread flour or panning crackers.

– Then the fish is laid out in a preheated frying pan, with hot oil of plant origin. It is fried on both sides until full.

– Oil is poured into the brazier, pre -peeled carrots, and chopped bulbs with bell peppers, grated on a coarse grater will be stewed in it.

-Vegetables in the brazier need to be salt and pepper, add tomato pass, mix and pass on low heat waiting for the vegetables they are ready.

– You need to add a little water so that the marinade does not become “fried”, but it turned out, just stewed.

– 8. Then, on the bottom of a deep plate or salad bowl, you need to lay out the vegetable marinade while it is still hot, it should be done with a uniform layer.

– then a layer of fish is laid out, also hot, and again stewed vegetables.

– Similarly, it is necessary to lay the layers alternately at the same time the top should become a vegetable.

– Now you need to leave the fish under the marinade at room temperature for about 90 minutes, so that it has cooled

– Then you need to remove the finished dish in the refrigerator.

– The finished dish is served on the table in cold form. If this dish is prepared from red fish, then in this case, it will turn out especially tender.