Fashionable paintings from amber

Invalious natural gift – amber is widely used not only in creating wonderful jewelry. These “tears of trees” are one of the favorite crafts for creators of wonderful paintings that can become the perfect decoration of any interior. Now handmade items are incredibly popular. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a fashionable picture from amber for the house.

The amazing attractiveness of amber lies in a powerful positive charge that nature gave him. Warm, sunny shades cheer up, give birth to bright thoughts and dreams. The golden color of the amber gives the paintings of the chic, which is welcomed in a fashionable, modern interior.

Many shades of amber, the ability to harmoniously supplement it with other natural materials allows talented artists to implement any creative idea. The amber fits into the autumn landscapes especially harmoniously. This stone allows you to incredibly realistically create sunny warm images of birch groves, gardens, forest edges.

With the help of amber, artists manage to perform wonderful village landscapes, create in their paintings copies of ancient architecture monuments in various styles. They do not look old, soulless. On the contrary, amber gives even ruins, ruins special charm and warmth.

Floral paintings are now popular now. Amazing bouquets, compositions created from amber, gain a cheerful character, give positive energy.

In fashion and images of representatives of the fauna. All kinds of animals, insects, birds, as if living, arise in amber paintings, make you admire the artist’s skill, his ability to create such beauty with the help of stone.

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