Instant noodles

Back in the 16th century, one Chinese cook guessed to make noodles, which was almost immediately ready for use, without long cooking. He simply fried ordinary noodles and then poured it with hot broth, at that time such a dish was called “e -fu”. Maybe the dish would have remained unknown to a wide range of consumers, if Ando Momofuki had not guessed to make a whole business, supplying such noodles literally to every house. And starting in 1958, the process of production of “fast” noodles began in full swing, the manufacturer simply took a long -legged dough, impregnated with meat broth, dried and fried in fruit. And soon, the noodles of quick preparation, the cost of which was several times higher than the cost of usual, and was available only for the highest segments of the population, became cheap and quite publicly available. Because people thought of how to make the recipe even cheaper: instead of meat broth, they took a certain mixture reminiscent of the composition of the broth cube, and the noodles themselves began to fry in palm oil, which is several times cheaper than other vegetable oils. Now anyone can buy such noodles for 7-12 rubles. But there are more expensive modifications of such a product that can be bought even for 40 rubles. But before buying a similar product, you need to think, believe it with advertising or not, because the usefulness of quick -made noodles under a big question. First, we’ll understand the composition of this product better. Palm oil is based on palmitic acid, which belongs to organic fatty acids, but the beneficial polyunsaturated acids in palm oil are extremely small. And the current bousse broth for a quick cooking is definitely not called useful. It contains a lot of harmful substances – these are flavor amplifiers, various dyes, acidity regulators, etc. In addition, we almost never pay attention to the packaging in which we purchase certain products. But this is also quite important. Yes, all these disposable cups and plates made of polystyrene are very convenient to use, but you need to know how to use them correctly without harm to their health. The polystyrene itself is quite inert and harmless, but if you pour boiling water in a polystyrene plate, then the process of emitting styrene begins, which is very harmful to the kidneys and liver, accumulating in the body, it destroys these organs. So it is better to use “fast” noodles less often, well, or without adding taste broth and not in the dishes that manufacturers offer us.