Fast and tasty!

So I decided to share interesting recipes with you. Culinary I began to get carried away from a young age. Little by little, I have accumulated a large number of recipes of delicious and original dishes. In addition, my mother and grandmother were always a model of how to meet guests and how to feed, so that the guests were satisfied. These recipes are spectacular and simple.


In appearance, this snack looks like a bouquet of tulips, so we usually cook it for March 8.

9 tomatoes (such as “ladies’ fingers” or “cream”), 5 stems of green onions, 150-200 g of solid grades, 1 clove of garlic, 100-150 g of mayonnaise (depending on the amount of cheese).

At each tomato, make 2 cuts cross, but do not reach the base of 2-2.5 cm. Then gently remove the pulp with a spoon. Also carefully cut off the mounting places of the stalk. After that, finely grate the cheese and add chopped garlic and mayonnaise to it. Mix everything. This is the filling for our “tulips”. Fill the tomatoes filling. Put them on a dish in the form of a bouquet, stems. and leave the leaves from green onions. I think that any man can perform such a bouquet and give his beloved!

Sandwriting cake “Visor’s eyes”

10 pieces of bread for toasts, 200 g of mayonnaise, 200 g of ham, 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, 150-200 g of any meat filling (chicken, pork, beef), 1-2 slices of garlic, 100 g of cheese (on a fine grater).

Prepare the meat filling. Fry the meat. It should turn out 5-6 t. l. finished product. Then we take 10 pieces of bread, cut at all the edges. We take 2 pieces and lubricate with mayonnaise, put a thinly chopped cucumber on top, then again 2 pieces of bread, again lubricate with mayonnaise, put a thinly chopped tomato, squeeze a little garlic on them. We put cheese on top. Again put 2 pieces of bread and lubricate them with mayonnaise. We put the meat filling on top, cover it with a cucumber, then close all 2 pieces of bread. After this side, we lubricate with mayonnaise and fasten the ham on the sides. After that we put the “cake” for the night in the refrigerator so that it is well saturated. Before serving, we decorate the “cake” with fresh cucumber, tomato, olives, fresh Bulgarian pepper, etc. P. To your taste. For example, along the entire perimeter of the “cake”, lay out a fan -shaped half -crustacean of the cucumber, then a thin straw of yellow Bulgarian pepper, and in the middle lay the rings of tomatoes and olives again. The “cake”, decorated so, looks beautiful and festive, and it tastes pleasant. But only cut it very carefully, with a sharp knife.