Beach fashion – swimsuit with shorts

One of the fashion trends of this year is a swimsuit with shorts, the so -called scourge. The top of such a model is not remarkable, but the bottom, instead of familiar panties, is made in the form of shorts with a low waist line. Some designers immediately produce a set of trips with panties and with shorts in the set. By buying such an ensemble, you can combine the top with any bottom to choose from.

Who invented this model

After all, it is not for nothing that they say that the new is well forgotten old. So it happened with this model of a swimsuit, which, as it turned out, was in fashion at the beginning of the last century. Then there was a real excitement around swimming and playing sports, so women needed some kind of comfortable and modest shape. So the shorts for swimming appeared, and today this style, after a whole century, we call retro-style. Thanks to the features of the cut, full -handed girls can slightly adjust the hips line, and slender, on the contrary, emphasize the tightness of the figure. Pay attention to MARC swimwear & Andre – This brand presents models for every taste and any parameters.

Brief Likbez on the topic of choice

If you liked the idea of ​​diversify your beach wardrobe with a retro model, pay attention to the variety of colors and textures of swimwear with shorts. It can be a laconic set made in a basic shade or, on the contrary, a bright and bold option.

Knitted models and decorated with crystals or stones look very tender. Even if you adore open bikini, it will not hurt to have a set with shorts in reserve, because from time to time you want to change the image and appear in a slightly different role.

By the way, the top in such an ensemble can be made not only as a classic bodice, but also as a top bando or swimsuit without a strap. More models can be viewed by the link/Catalog/2/Kupalniki-byz-Ljamok/on the website of the famous Ukrainian store “Intimo”.

Buy a swimsuit with shorts in the Intimo online store

Surely you have repeatedly faced the fact that it is very difficult to choose a swimsuit in shopping centers if you have a non -standard figure or your tastes do not correspond to the generally accepted canons of fashion. Do not rush to be upset and get old boring sets from the closet! In the Intimo online store you will definitely find stylish models for your figure at an affordable price. Note that all products are represented by famous European brands, and no cheap Chinese fakes.

Study the assortment, choose newly and place an order via the Internet – this is fast, simple and exciting!

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