Wedding fashion

The first thing that comes to mind, discussing the theme of wedding fashion, is the bride’s dress. Indeed, it so happened that over the past decades, not without the active participation of eminent designers, the bride’s dress and her image as a whole, plays a decisive role in determining «fashionable» Wedders.

Speaking about the 2012 wedding fashion trends, it should be said that they continue the traditions of recent seasons.

But, at the same time, there are some new elements. After all, the wedding and the process of its holding every year change faster and faster. Incredibly fashionable this year wedding dresses with an open top. Naked shoulders and deep neckline. Designers abandon the straps, maximizing the beauty of female hands, shoulders and neck. Slightly high waist, emphasized by a soft belt in the form of a tape – The image of the charms of the mid -nineteenth century. Such a dress, no doubt, is suitable for both beautiful slender sofas and girls in position. Light drapery and high waist will hide the rounded tummy, and you will feel comfortable in such a dress.

Wedding Fashion 2012

Heavy lines, complex embroidery, crystals, large rhinestones – We have now faded to the background. Today, wedding salons offer lightness, although decor elements in the form of huge flowers made of fabric, like a continuation of the dress, still remained. But, both embroidery and flowers do not weight the image, but on the contrary, as if they make it weightless. Light, flowing fabrics, complex draperies, straight or slightly flared silhouette of a dress, the color of which, by the way, should not be white. A lot of tender shades, from the color of ghee, to pale pink. Now you can choose a wedding dress both to the color of the eyes and to the color of the skin. No restrictions! Everything is just for you.

Wedding fashion

Another direction that has been actively developing the past few years – Retro vintage. A wedding dress in the style of a long -forgotten era, for example, the twenties, forties or sixties, will be quite appropriate. Choosing yourself a retro dress, you will once again emphasize your beauty and individuality. The bride should not be like either other brides or guests. The image of the bride is so bright and individual that it is not even amenable to any comparative characteristics. Tender, romantic and irresistible – This should be the bride on the day of his wedding.

Wedding Dress

Completely selected styling and makeup will complete your extraordinary image. At the peak of the popularity of styling with a high comb, light curls and hair waves laid slightly carelessly. Flowers and diadems will decorate your hairstyle, forming a single whole with it. Makeup in pastel colors, slightly noticeable blush. At the wedding, invited from Svadba-Net, the host will certainly force guests to raise a toast for an angel that descended from heaven, leaving behind only a light dump, lurks in the bustle of everyday life.