Fish salads

Ingredients: 250 grams of raw salmon, 150 grams of cherry tomatoes, 150 grams of mozzarella, 8 boiled quail eggs. Kochan leaf salad brassfield: olive oil 2st. l. Lemon juice 1st. l. Solperets Preparation: salmon is cut into small, very important pieces. For three minutes, everything is thoroughly and continuously stirred, a small amount of time is allowed in a well -heated pan. Mozarella is cut with neat identical cubes. The eggs are boiled for approximately three minutes, after which they are cleaned and cut into two halves. Tomatoes must be cut into four parts and add them to a salad bowl, in which there is already fish, cheese and eggs. The salad needs to be thoroughly washed, each leaf individually and carefully torn it with your hands, it is important that it does not need to be cut, after going to the salad bowl to other products. The oil is mixed with lemon juice, and thoroughly season the prepared salad with this mixture. After that, mix well and serve to the table.