How they drink coffee in Italy continuation

So, we continue our article about the rules and traditions of coffee consumption in Italy. Previously, we wrote about why it is better to order a “cafe normal”, and not “espresso” or “Americano”, how Latte McKoyato differs from the McKoyato cafe and what the usual Latte means for Italians.

1. CAPPUCCINO – cappuccino, known to all coffee with milk foam. This is the most common drink for breakfast in Italians, ideally with a fresh crispy horn. But keep in mind, only for breakfast, Kapuchino is drunk strictly in the morning.

2. CAFFè Coretto – Cafe Coretto (“adjusted” coffee). This ordinary coffee is “corrected” with alcohol added to it: liquors, whiskey, rum. Respectable Signors love to “adjust” coffee with beilis. Drink a cafe of Coretto after lunch and dinner.

3. CAFFè in Vetro – Cafe in Wind (coffee in glass). This cafe is normal or Macquiato cafe in a glass circle, it is believed that transparent dishes change the taste. They drink a cafe in Wind as a cafe of normal or McKoyato, that is, in the morning, after lunch and in the evenings.

4. CAFFè Shakerato – Cafe Shakerato (Ice Coffee cocktail). Ice and refreshing a cocktail of ice, milk and coffee in the heat. Serve the Shakerato cafe in exquisite glasses for Martini. Drink – in the summer after lunch.