Cold wraps

Cold wraps

Problems such as cellulite, tired, flabby skin, rosacea, swelling are quite frequent causes of women’s addressing cosmetologists. In addition to exposure directly on the problem areas of the skin, cosmetic procedures often favorably affect the condition of the nervous system, soothe, relieve stress, and improve the mood. One of the most beloved and sought-after procedures in spa and cosmetic clinics is wrapping.

Of course, skin care must be carried out daily, for example, using the means that the Oriflame catalog offers, but the wrap procedures at least once a month must be done.

Types of wraps:

Distinguish isothermal, hot, cold wrap and their alternation – contrasting wrap. With hot wrapping under the influence of high temperature, the expansion of blood and lymph vessels occurs, skin pores open, lymph flow and metabolism processes in the skin and fatty tissue are accelerated. However, this procedure, due to blood depositing in the subcutaneous vessels, is contraindicated in varicose veins. Cold wrap has no such contraindications.

The benefits of cold wrapping:

As a result of the cold wrapping procedure, on the contrary, the skin tone increases, the capillaries and narrowing of the pores are reduced, which leads to the outflow of lymph and excess fluid from the skin and fatty tissue, a decrease in edema that often accompany cellulite, varicose disease and tired legs syndrome.


Before cold wrapping, it is recommended to cleanse the skin of contaminants, skin fat, dead skin cells with a scrub. After cleansing, a special composition containing minerals, algae, plant extracts and cooling substances, for example, menthol, is applied to the skin, and the composition must be applied along the lymphocotor, that is, from the bottom up. After that, the problem area is tightly wrapped in plastic wrap. The duration of the cold wrap procedure usually does not exceed 20-30 minutes. After that, the composition is washed off, and an anti -cellulite spray with a calming effect is applied to the skin, and an anti -cellulite cream that strengthens the skin.

Cold wrap can be carried out using bandages impregnated with a special solution. In this case, bandaging should also be performed by the campaign. Like any medical procedure, wrapping has a number of contraindications, which must be consulted with a doctor. These include oncological diseases, tagging with the lymphatic drainage effect of this procedure, diseases of the female genital organs and some skin diseases. To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to combine cold wrap with massage and diet.