How to cook beef in a pot?

How to cook beef in a pot? If you have not eaten such a dish, then my recommendations are for you -). Well, if you have already tried beef in pots, then we read below what we need to cook beef in pots.

For 5 servings you need:

850 g of raw beef without bones, 200 g of carrots, parsley, onions, 50 g of ghee, 100 g of bacon, 50 g of ground crackers (preferably Borodino bread), 15 medium potatoes, 250 g of sour cream, bay leaf, celery, broth, broth, broth, broth, broth spices, salt and greens (to taste).

If the beef flesh is cut off from the kidney area, it should be cleaned. Raw meat must be cut into pieces across the fibers and slightly beat off with a hammer. Ready -made beef chops first fry, turning on strong fire. Strengthened slices lay in a pot (by this time, finely chopped pieces of bacon should lie at the bottom of the pot). Put carrots, onions, celery, bay leaf on top of the bacon and beef meat. Add ground crackers, necessary spices and salt. Pour broth and put in the oven stew. A little later add potato tubers (if they are small; large tubers should be cut into pieces and lay in parts). 20-25 minutes before readily pour sour cream into the pot. Until the stove has cooled down, withstand the pot under the lid. Before serving, you can sprinkle with chopped greens: it is beautiful, tasty and healthy. Serve fragrant and appetizing hot relies right in the portioned pot.