One of the unforgettable salad will become a favorite

Delicate salad fully justifies its name

And here is a slow cooker

I will explain that only the chicken is prepared from this salad in the slow cooker, but it does it so unpretentious that while I was engaged in cutting everything else, she was already ready for the salad of a delicate

The complete absence of home chicken was this time, and as I had already written before the store poultry, I boil for 20 minutes and drain all the water, then another 20 and then only for use

The choice is you, if a slow cooker, then you will make a salad in 10 minutes

Kurin fillet – 300 g

Solid cheese – 250 g

Canasy pineapples – 200 grams

Sukhariki made of white bread – 150 grams

Salad leaves – 100 g

Mayonnaise – 100 g

Lemon juice – 30 ml


Cut the boiled chicken fillet in the form of straws, about 1×3

Grate cheese on a fine grater

Cut pineapples with cubes

Glove salad leaves

If you do not boil the chicken like me, then we go to the slow cooker, prepare it for a gentle salad

Put pieces of chopped chicken fillet in a slow cooker, pour 20 ml of olive oil, salt, spices to taste

Choose a program for frying

Cook only 10 minutes

Put all the components in layers: grease the salad leaves with mayonnaise, then pour with lemon juice, lay out pieces of pineapple, follow chicken fillet, crackers and cheese

For the first time when I did this salad, I mixed all the components, refilling it with mayonnaise

The taste did not deteriorate at all

Here the awesome Ratatuy Kurin

This is how you can give a new taste to the salad due to the transformation of the chicken