Fisherman’s snack cake

Ingredients for cakes: margarine – ½ pack, sour cream or kefir – 1 cup (preferably sour cream), salt to taste, slightly sugar, flour – so much so that the mixed dough lags behind the hands.

Preparation of cakes: melt margarine, add sour cream, salt, sugar, flour there. Knead the dough, divide into 5 equal parts and roll up cakes. Bake in the oven until readiness.

Ingredients for cake layers: hard cheese-150-200 g, fish conservation-1 bank (Saira, Sardina, Sardinella), onions-1-2 pieces of medium size, carrots-1-2 pieces of small, 1/2 cup rice-1/2 cup , boiled eggs-4-5 pieces (of which 2-3 yolks are tired for the last cake).


1 cake. We smear with mayonnaise, lay out the cheese grated on a coarse grater, again mayonnaise.

2 cake. Fish conservation (pre -put without liquid in a separate plate and knead with a fork) and smear it with mayonnaise.

3 cake. Fried onions and carrots. Again anoint with mayonnaise.

4 cake. Boiled rice with an egg, and mayonnaise on top.

5 cake. Smear with fat mayonnaise and sprinkle with tanned yolk.

Leave the cake for 4-5 hours to soak.