Stress during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the future mother of small stresses are even useful for her body. So say many American scientists. Who conducted special research among pregnant women. These women were in the last pregnancy period. Research continued before the birth of the baby and until he was two years old. The studies who conducted these studies wanted to know if the connection between the stress is experiencing a pregnant woman and the presence of pathology both with physical and psychological development and even whether a disorder in the behavior of a born child occurs in the behavior. A very interesting result was obtained. Children who are faced with stress during pregnancy, they did not lag behind the development for example from their peers, but they were even healthier and better showed mental development. This is their distinguishing side from those children who were born in complete calm. This study showed two options from the results obtained. The fetus has a positive effect on the hormone of stress, this hormone is formed by stress. Stress hormone – cortisol. Without this hormone, normal development of the body in various directions is not possible. This hormone also helps stimulate the very process of child development. You can draw a small conclusion about stress during pregnancy. Slight stress, of course, within reasonable limits, it is necessary. Since the future mother under stress is constantly active and even this activity manifests itself after the birth of the baby. And this means that mothers begin to actively develop and devote all the pile of energy to their baby, which subsequently leads to the rapid development of the child.