Gastronomic tourism kitchen Filippines

Philippine cuisine is a symbiosis of the Malay, Spanish and Chinese culinary traditions. The main place is given to the rice – fried, boiled, which is served with various spices, meat, shrimp, garlic; Kletski is also made of rice flour.

For some reason, the Filipinos do not complain of salads, although they eat a lot of vegetables. But on each table you can find a special sweet and sour sauce, which includes Kalamansi (musk lime), burning pepper, soy sauce and local vinegar (in different areas of the country its own technology for its preparation).

Food, as a rule, is cooked in palm oil and not exposed, as in some other countries of Asia, intensive heat treatment.


The country’s marine location, of course, could not but affect its culinary traditions. Filipinos eat a lot of seafood. The broth is boiled from the fish, “seasoning” with fruits, shrimp and mollusks, it is pickled (the famous dish is pickled mackerel (the marinade includes vinegar, ginger, burning pepper, onions and coconut milk)).

Fish balls are prepared from it – a kind of kebab (the fish is pickled, then minced meat is prepared from it, balls are formed, which are subsequently strung on wooden sticks and fried on coals. The business card of many cooks – Bagong. These are salty boiled shrimp that have a specific smell. Experienced tourists advise you to taste this delicacy: according to them, it is difficult to start only, but if you have found the strength to try, then it will be impossible to break away.

Philippine exotic

The streets of the country are diligently pedaling numerous sellers of the Baloote. This is a boiled duck egg in which the embryo is located. Eggs are specially kept in incubators at a certain temperature, then boiled and, of course, sold. I must say that this exotic dish of the Philippines itself is in great demand, especially among the male part of the population: men are sure that Baluot is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Perhaps that is why they sell it mainly in the evening.


Spanish traditions are most very traced in meat dishes. The most common among them is Paelia with chicken, pork, seafood, vegetables and sausages; fried chickens; pork cooked in sour broth; Meat casseroles. From “exclusive” can be called stuffed and fried on the coals of a milk pig, a beef tongue that is served in walnut sauce, buffalo meat, meat broth with vegetables and Indian dates.