Stylish manicure 2018

Well -groomed hands with a beautiful manicure – this is something that does not go out of fashion. You can decorate the nails with different colors of varnish, patterns, drawings. But for the manicure to be stylish, it is favorably complemented by the fashionable image, you need to know about the trends. In 2018, experts distinguish several trends that will help create an attractive and fashionable manicure, which others will admire.


First of all, should be turned to the shape of the nails. It should be as natural as possible. This means that you should dwell on the almond -shaped or oval form.

Pointed corners are irrelevant. According to experts, they look vulgar and far from naturalness.


Naturalness also applies to the length of the nails. Should leave the nails short. The free edge should not exceed several millimeters. In 2018, modesty and femininity are valued. You can find out more about this on the Sweetnails/87-Gel-Laki-Fox website, where more detailed information is presented.

Long, exacerbated nails are unacceptable. A woman with such nails will not look stylish.

Color palette

Before creating a manicure, real fashionistas need to familiarize yourself with the permissible shades of varnish. In 2018, it is recommended to cover the nails with the following shades:








Dark olive.




Pastel colors are on the top of the fashionable Olympus. This is clearly traced not only in fashion collections of clothing, but also in creating manicure. The popularity of pastel colors is explained very simply: they look natural, attractive and elegant, and this is very relevant at present.

It is worth noting that the named tones go to absolutely everyone, regardless of age and type of appearance. You can safely apply these flowers on the nails.


For lovers of all original, experts offer various drawings. Patterns and patterns on nails are not prohibited, but it is recommended to create them as miniature and neulgar. Too big patterns can spoil even the most beautiful manicure.

If the fashionista decided to create patterns on the nails, you should dwell on geometric shapes, lace, curls, abstract stains. They look very sophisticated and attractive.

The trends of manicure in 2018 are very diverse and unusual. Experts urge fashionistas to follow naturalness, but not forget about the sense of style and elegance. The trends presented are the embodiment of femininity. They will certainly like the most sophisticated fashionistas.