Fashionable pendants and pendants 2015

If you decide to decorate yourself with a jewelry or just any inexpensive jewelry, for example, a pendant coin, then you should listen to the fact that the fashion guru is recommended.

To date, models from the category of pendants of various forms are relevant and, moreover, they should not be perfectly symmetrical at all. At the disposal of every fashionista there is a huge arsenal suitable for any case of pendants. You just need to choose a chain or lace for them and feel free to go into people, demonstrating your impeccable taste and another fashionable thing.

As for which the shape, stone or color of the pendant is worth choosing, these are several options for products that have more chances to be considered a modern fashion trend than others:

Words. Initials, engraving on a metal plate of their name or hieroglyphs are popular as usual. Choose letters made of gold, antique gold. The black and white pendant is also worthy of respect, because it is the most universal color scheme.

Contracting stones. This year, attention should be paid to large stones of various colors: orange, turquoise, ruby, black. Look at yourself a pendant of brown adventurine, brown, agate or green light jade. The larger your stone and less than it decor, the better. Suspensions with precious stones are also relevant, for example, a pendant with sapphire will be appropriate both in a strict business style and with an evening dress.

The size has not just a value, but weight: for the sake of fashion, you will have to tolerate massive pendants of stones and metal, but there are options to alleviate your fate, choosing products made of low alloy and almost weightless stones – crystals, for example.

A religious theme is also not necessary to bypass. Crosses remain in fashion, both small and large: the size is not so important for them, the main thing is the symbol of the faith. These pendants supplemented with Fianites or diamonds will absolutely attract all the attention of others.

Animals. Insects and birds are a little behind, but graceful cats, fluffy rabbits, and also reptiles, including fantastic (inspired by modern series) dragons must be in a casket for jewelry at any representative of the fair sex.

Squares, triangles, balls, circles and rhombuses even irregular in shape – mowed – prevail on the podium. Models are supplemented by its own outfit with exquisite and mainly large jewelry of this type and all new collections of famous designers are simply inconceivable without them.