Intimate hair removal at home

Intimate hair removal at home

Many women, most likely, have now thought about the most pleasant moments associated with the phrase intimate hair removal. Not surprising! After all, this procedure is hardly pleasant to be called. And, nevertheless, if you do not want to come to terms with what nature awarded you, you will have to resort to one of the following methods that guarantee you a positive result for some time. Of course, the removal of unwanted hair from one of the most sensitive zones of your body is best entrusted to a professional who will do it less painfully and more carefully. But, if due to the circumstances, you can’t afford it, there are several ways that you can apply at home.

Methods of intimate hair removal at home:

1. Epalator. The most important tool in the fight against unwanted hair growth in some areas of your body is an electric epalator. So that the procedure passes less painfully, the skin before using an electric epilator should be well steamed. You can take a bath or hot shower, after which, you should treat the skin with a disinfectant. In order for the epilator to capture the hairs as best as possible, and the effect of the procedure lasts as long as possible, you should slightly pull the skin. After the hair removal procedure, and in order to avoid redness and irritation of the skin, treat the skin with a special post -epilation agent. Give the skin a little “breathe” a little, do not pull tight clothes immediately after the procedure end.

Intimate hair removal using an epilator

2. No less effective procedure – removing unwanted hair with special wax. Thanks to Waxing, and this is the name of this procedure, you will get rid of unwanted hair in an intimate zone for a long time, but you should not stock up with a do not care, because, it is unlikely that anyone can name this procedure. And, nevertheless, several types of wax are distinguished: cold, warm, hot. The least painful is vaxing with hot wax. But, at the same time, this procedure is more often used in salons due to a certain complexity. If you decide to remove unwanted hair with vaxing, try not to save on waxes, giving preference only to high -quality, which have proven themselves well in the domestic market. Pay attention to the finished products that can be used after the vacing procedure, thanks to which the skin regeneration will pass faster.

Intimate hair removal with wax

3. The good old razor machine is one of the most painless means, in the fight against unwanted hair in the bikini zone. Thanks to special machines, mechanical damage to the skin are reduced to “no”. The procedure itself will not take you much time, but, unfortunately, it can hardly be called durable. A few days and the hated hairs will again begin to break through under the layer of your epidermis, which is unlikely to be very happy. In order to delay this unpleasant moment as long as possible, use special means after depilation.

Intimate hair removal with razor

4. Chemicals are increasingly used to remove unwanted hair. The result will delight you for about a week, and the procedure itself differs in simplicity of use. As a rule, a chemical in the form of a cream is applied to the skin and after a while is neatly removed with a special spatula. The principle of operation of such a tool is quite simple. The available chemicals, destructively affect the hair itself, which is why it becomes much thinner and is easily removed.

Intimate hair removal with cream

But, the last word remains with you, and only you can decide what is better for you. Painful removal to you!