Medium hair haircuts 2014

Stylists are very fond of the average hair length. They rightfully consider this option universal. Hairstyles on medium hair have a huge number of options. This allows you to perfectly choose them for any shape of the face, individual style, status, regardless of hair type. Therefore, in fashion collections, the most sentences are for the owners of strands of medium length.

Permanent leaders in medium -length hair hairstyles are square and bean. These classic haircuts provide complete scope of the creative imagination of the stylist. Elegant ladies, preferring sophisticated, impeccable images, can make a square with strict, clear lines.

If you want to be original, creative, it is worth paying attention to the haircuts graduated, with uneven ends, asymmetric options. You can experiment with the bangs. The classic version will open the face, will create an emphasis on the eyes. The slanting bangs look interesting, non -standard, visually makes the hair thicker, soften some angularity. In fashion this year and cascade. This haircut has many admirers. This hairstyle refers to the category of universal options, allows in any situation to look spectacular, attractive, and even exquisite.

In a fashionable haircut, the length of the lateral strands ends at the level of the chin, the ladder can be soft, which will give the image tenderness, romanticity. Sharp steps will make it impudent, bold.

A bang in a fashionable hairstyle can be any, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the face. Whatever the haircut on medium hair, it must be taken into account that the fashion is now in the now light negligence, splendor. In order to be bright, original, you should try fashionable staining methods, different lengths of strands in the hairstyle. Fashionable and stylish haircuts can be seen here.