Pea soup with sausages

For the preparation of pea soup with sausages, the following products are needed:

Four boiled potatoes

Two tablespoons of vegetable oil

White bread – 300 grams

Meat broth – 600 grams

Sausages – 2 pieces

Sausages – 4 pieces

Koreyka – 100 grams

One onion head

One carrot

300 grams of freshly frozen green peas

Salt to taste

How to cook pea soup with sausages:

First, clean the onion and chop.

Then cut the bark with cubes.

After that, we take a large container for the microwave, put the bark and onion there, cover with a lid and put for three minutes in the oven to prepare with a power of 100%.

At this time, we clean the carrots and potatoes, cut them with small cubes.

Next, add broth, carrots, potatoes and peas to the container to the stewed Korean.

Return the container to the microwave, set the power of 100% and cook 25 minutes.

In thin circles, cut sausages and sausages.

We heat the vegetable oil in a pan, add sausages and sausages and sausages and fry them until a brown crust.

Then add fried sausages and sausages to the soup, salt, pepper. We cook in the microwave for 12 minutes at a power of 70%.

After that, put the soup to approach a warm place.

Go ahead. Cut the crust from bread and cut into cubes.

Put into a bowl, pour 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt and mix.

Then we transfer bread cubes in dishes for a microwave, put in the furnace and cook for 2 minutes with a power of 100%.

Pour the soup on plates, and serve hot steeps separately.