Stylish summer makeup 2016

This year in summer, naturalness and lightness are in fashion. That is, it is better to choose makeup only one that will emphasize your virtues. Correctly placed bright accents will help to make your image unforgettable. The best assistant to any woman will undoubtedly be high -quality cosmetics. Having preferred cosmetics from Maybellin, you will get the effect in the image that you can only dream of.

Makeup for summer

In summer, the skin is once exposed to a negative effect of nature: it is a wind, ultraviolet rays, salted water. Naturally carefully applied makeup will be inappropriate, since there will be no trace of it under the influence of all the above factors, but there will be a huge feeling of discomfort.

To prevent this from happening, and your image was not spoiled, you need to follow some rules of summer skin care.

In the hot season, you should not get involved in scrubs, peeling, as these procedures lead to special skin sensitivity, and can cause sunburn that you can’t hide, how not try.

Since the skin produces a huge amount of sebum, but at the same time, when exposed to sunlight, it is overdried, intense moisturization is necessary.

Try to touch your face as little as possible, there is a big risk of a huge amount of acne.

Use thermal water more often, it moisturizes the skin and betray it a fresh rested look.

When choosing cosmetics, pay attention to the composition and try to choose only the part of the composition that protects from ultraviolet sunlight.

Try to completely abandon the tonal cream, if there is no such opportunity, then give preference to light products with fluid texture. Moisturizers with a tinting effect are best suited.

The compact powder will be better replaced with crumbly, as its texture is much easier. To make the skin look fresh, pay attention to the powder with the effect of tanning.

Tanned skin of the face has a great advantage, as it does not need a large amount of cosmetics, try to use as few cosmetics as possible, and in order for makeup to last on your face, use waterproof cosmetics for as long as possible. Using waterproof mascara and shadows, you will not be allowed to worry about your makeup. Replace the usual black with brown mascara, you will come to the image ease. Lipstick or shine is also better to choose tender more natural shades.