IPhone 6 in a lady’s handbag why a girl iPhone?

A modern lady needs to keep abreast of all important events, always be in touch, be able to quickly receive all the necessary information. Mobile phone capabilities in such cases are not enough. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the ladies’ handbag, instead of it, you can increasingly see a stylish iPhone. Apple new items always expect with impatience. Today’s flagship – iPhone 6 did not deceive expectations.

Girls, in the arsenal of which there was already a previous model-the iPhone 5, will certainly celebrate the convenience of the screen, which in the new device has become much larger, is 4.7, and in the models of the iPhone 6PLUS-5.5 inches. On such a wonderful screen, you can consider all the details in the photo from your albums, evaluate new products received in online stores, enjoy reading your favorite novel, Internet games.

The design that differs the basic iPhone 6 is also pleasant impressions. Compared to the iPhone 5s model, it looks more stylish, meets all the requirements of modern fashion. The main advantage is an incredibly thin case that can only be seen in iPod. Notes of softness, tenderness contribute rounded edges. Convenient location of the power button allows you to use the device with one hand, without releasing from the other your favorite handbag or handle. Will certainly delight fashionistas and the color scheme of iPhone 6. This is a futuristic gray, elegant silver and glamorous golden hue.

Invaluable help will provide iPhone 6 and travelers, admirers of natural landscapes, high -quality photo shoots. The device is equipped with an advanced camera guaranteeing the receipt of perfect pictures. In order to make them do not need good lighting. Moreover, such quality is provided not by a double photodiode flash, but by innovative systems.

Owners who have a previous iPhone- iPhone 5s have already evaluated the capabilities of the model to scan fingerprints. The developers of the iPhone 6 equipped their brainchild with a large number of additional options. He can provide indicators of humidity, air temperature, pressure. If the iPhone 6 is used simultaneously with a fitness bracelet, you can determine your indicators, monitor the state of the body. The IPhone 6 Plus giant model will additionally give pleasure from speed, thanks to a powerful processor and the ability to talk for a whole day without recharging.