Plasmotherapy is one of the most progressive methods for the treatment of baldness in men and women, in a scientific androgenetic alopecia. This method is used in the early stages of the disease, when the hair is still preserved, or no more than a month has passed since its loss, reports GROSSKLINIK

First of all, experts conduct an examination using a special magnifying equipment that allows you to see the hair even at the stage of deep dystrophy, when it is absolutely deprived of pigmentation and is very thin.

Plasmotherapy can be used to treat hair loss, both an independent method and, coupled with other methods and means. In some cases, the method can also be effective in the late stages of alopecia, it is also used to prepare the skin for hair transplantation.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of plasmotherapy cannot be guaranteed. In some cases, the method does not give the desired result or even turns out to be absolutely useless. It is impossible to say in advance, or not, it is impossible, the first results can appear only after several procedures.