Rules for cooking souffle

For the preparation of souffle, use fruit-berry puree, milk and aromatic substances. The most important component of each souffle is well -beaten egg squirrels. Immediately before whipping, for a faster obtaining stable foam, protein should be well cooled. Start to whip slowly, gradually increasing speed. Due to whipping, the original volume of proteins should grow 4-6 times. Whipped proteins must be used immediately, do not wait until they settle.

Whipped proteins are brewed with hot puree. When brewing the mass, it is necessary to beat constantly so that the puree is evenly mixed with the proteins. The brewed mass is laid out in a form lubricated with oil. Also, the surface can be decorated with a variety of patterns from the residues of the mass, using a confectionery bag, cook or syringe.

At home, this treat is extremely rare, since it is pretty hard to cook it for a beginner to cook it. The catch is that after baking the souffle settles very quickly and it should be baked right before serving to the table. All types of souffle should be baked for 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 200-250 degrees. Properly prepared souffle in volume increases by 2-2.5 times, but then it quickly settles and because of this is not subject to storage.

Serve the souffle to the table decorating it with finely grated chocolate or powdered sugar.

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