Abortion tablets

Abortion can be done without surgery, for example, using special tablets. Abortion tablets is very effective and of course absolutely without painful. Abortion surgically naturally very painful and of course, after such an abortion, various complications can occur in every woman. Unlike abortion tablets that are absolutely without harmful and without painful for the female body. There are several conditions with such an abortion, it must only be done in a small period of pregnancy and of course, until the fetus has begun to develop. For such an abortion, it will be necessary to prepare a little, for preparation it will be necessary to come an ultrasound, take an analysis of your urine, smear and of course blood. The obstetrician gynecologist will have a little conversation with an abortion and if you agree, you need to sign some documents T.e consent to abortion tablets. This event is held in several stages.

At the beginning, the doctor will completely examine you and you will have to take the necessary medicine to start the abortion of the tablets. After taking this tablet, you will begin to rejection of the embryo, after which you will begin severe bleeding from your genital organs. About four Chesov you will be under supervision of specialists. If the process goes normally, then you can go to the lady and you will be appointed a second session. The next day you will have to take another tablet, this tablet will stimulate the contractility of the uterus itself. After which the fetus begins to be removed. At this moment, an ultrasound is carried out again, and also take blood and smear for analysis. After the results obtained, if the remnants of the embryo were not found, then this means that abortion to tablets passed successfully. If the fetus does not completely come out can arise: – Nausea, not big vomiting, severe pain in the lower abdomen and headache. If this happens, then surgical intervention is necessary in order to completely remove the remnants of the embryo.