Slender legs

Slender legs

Slender legs have always been the subject of pride among women. Legs require no less careful care than the body. Unfortunately, even with high -quality care, some women cannot avoid such physiological disadvantages as varicose veins. But to improve the appearance of the legs is completely easy.

Tips for slender legs:

Council No. 1: pay attention to walking walks. Walking not only normalizes blood flow processes in the lower extremities, but also strengthens the vessels of the legs. It is also recommended to avoid prolonged standing, as this position provokes blood stagnation in the legs. You can just download e -books and read them while walking.

Council No. 2: Follow your weight. Excessive weight adversely affects the health of the legs. According to statistics, five out of six women suffering from overweight have such an unpleasant ailment as varicose veins.

Council No. 3: For the prevention of this pathology, it is necessary:

avoid too hot baths, since when exposed to heat, the veins expand;

Do not sit for a long time in one position;

Raise legs slightly above the level of the head, when resting, providing an outflow of stagnant blood.


Tip No. 4: Avoid high heels and hairpins. Shoes should be comfortable, not embarrassing leg. Many doctors recommend wearing compression linen. It not only relieves discomfort in the legs, but is also an excellent prevention against varicose veins.

If you do not pay due attention to your legs and let the first manifestations of varicose veins on a groove, there will be a high risk of complications. Take care of the health and attractiveness of your legs.