Dry skin of the hands – how to get rid?

Dry skin of the hands

Hands are most exposed to external factors. They require attention to themselves. Wrinkles on her hands reflect the age of the woman and cause discomfort. How can you cope with the aging and dry skin of the skin?

Dryness of the skin of the hands – Reasons:

The most important external factors are those that cause dry skin of the hands. The internal cause is the lack of fluid consumption. Smoking also harms our skin, including passive. We must do everything to counteract the harmful effects on our hands. In everyday life, try to contact less with unprotected hands with chemicals. In cold weather, put on gloves, and in sunny apply an ultraviolet cream. Drink a sufficient amount of liquid, preferably in the form of mineral water from dry skin of the hands. Coffee and black tea have a diuretic effect, so their consumption should be reduced.

Dry skin of the hands

Dryness of the skin of the hands – moisturizing:

Take care of your hands every day, do not let the feeling of dry skin of the hands appear. Clean your hands once a week with a scrub, after it a nutrient cream is sure to apply. At night you can apply a cream and put on gloves, it will make your hands soft. Make nutritional hand masks, as well as baths from dry skin. This will allow your hands to look as beautiful as possible as possible.

Take care of your own hands and let them be young for a long time.

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