Dress with open shoulders of styles combinations and new trends

The appearance of a dress that exposes the hands of fashion should be grateful to the Spaniard Christobal Balenciag. It was this designer, whose name today is one of the most respected fashion houses in the world, in the 50s of the last century showed the whole beauty of the woman demonstrating the neckline. On a girl, they look romantic and impudently at the same time. Open shoulders – always her beautiful and stylish addition. It is interesting that the cut of such a dress is so self -sufficient that it does not require many accessories or design decisions.

Where to buy elegant in Ukraine, and most importantly – a fashionable female dress? It can be done inexpensively in the ISSA Plus online store. Buying a dress with open shoulders on Issaplus means to acquire a piece of clothing that will give charm both everyday image and an elegant onion. The store catalog is filled with dozens of interesting models with open shoulders. Having familiarized himself with the photo and choosing the style you like, it will be in only one click in the wardrobe of the fashionista.

What are they and what to wear with?

There are such dresses:

fitted silhouette;

free cut;

with or without straps;

with a lowered shoulder line;



In addition to a fitted or free silhouette, products differ in length. Here the real expanse for the imagination of designers: mini, midi, maxi, basque, asymmetric hem.

In tandem with open shoulders, various necks look good: deep, oval and round, V-shaped, in the form of a heart. And to draw attention to it, the neck is decorated with trim, lines, applications.

Evening such a plan is usually a bando model. They have side cuts and are supplemented only by beautiful shoes with a minimum of accessories. To this, they choose boats or graceful sandals shoes. Jewelry will play a large role in the image. It is better to choose massive and bright earrings that look harmonious with bare shoulders. Instead of earrings, you can put on a necklace. They also use a cloak, shawl or bolero.

As accessories, designers advise pin the brooch, and not only on evening models.

Together with everyday dress in spring, boots, boots, lacing boots, boots look harmoniously in spring. Sandals, moccasins, sneakers, ballet shoes are suitable in the summer. Jackets, cardigans, jackets look interesting for every day.

In 2017, it continues to be fashionable retro -style – models of Balenciag.

Who goes and how to wear?

Unfortunately, not everyone goes to bare shoulders. To put on such a dress, you need to be not just a beautiful shape, but also well -groomed. Behind the neckline, it is generally necessary to constantly care for, and it is necessary to use cosmetics if you want to wear open things. Visible defects should be masked. The evening robe with open shoulders looks beautiful when they are treated with a tonal cream with a flickering effect.

It is important to know that women with small breasts can safely wear a model with open shoulders even without a bra. If the size of the bust is average or higher, then you can’t do without fixation. The bra without straps or with their silicone option, a bra on the top of the cups or a special cut, for example, a corset, will help.

It is not recommended to wear such a style to girls with wide shoulders – they visually seem even more. Straps fastened in the neck or deep V-shaped neckline will help to “reduce” the shoulder belt. Jewelry, for example, massive earrings help to move the emphasis.

On thin girls, a short dress with a magnificent skirt, showing beautiful legs looks stylish. A complete bunch dress or style without a clearly defined waist is suitable. It would also be nice for them to wear long, as well as an overestimated waist.

If we talk about coloring, then a model with open shoulders looks beautiful in a plain version. In the season spring-summer-2017 fashionable pastel colors. However, women with magnificent forms, despite the trends, need to give preference to models of dark shades.

In any case, before buying it is better to carefully take the fitting. In a daring dress, it is important to feel freedom of movement.