Simple recipes of delicious cakes

Take one glass of sugar and one glass of sour cream and grind, then take 0.5 tablespoons of soda and extinguish it with vinegar. Add flour in so that the dough is not cool.

Knead the dough and place it in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Then divide it into 6 parts and roll up the cakes, place it in the oven and bake until cooked.

Preparation of cream: take one glass of sugar add vanillin and beat with two glasses of cold sour cream. Make the cakes with the ball of the cooked cream and put in the refrigerator.

New Year’s cake “Cedar bump”

A beautiful decoration of the New Year’s table will be the cedar bump cake. To prepare the dough, you will need: 6 eggs, sugar – 2 cups and 3 cups of sifted flour and 1 hour. l. soda.

For cream: 250g. thick sour cream, sugar or sugar powder – 1.5 cups, 1 t. l. cocoa and slightly citric acid. Put the prepared dough with a teaspoon on a baking sheet and bake. Put the finished parts in the form of a cedar cone on a dish and pour cream.

It turns out beautiful, tasty, original and very festive!