Stylish evening dresses 2018

An ideal evening dress outside of time – it harmonizes with the figure and invariably clings its eyes. In reality, everything is a little more complicated: the evening outfit retains its relevance for one or two season, and then no longer seems as brilliant as before. And there is an irresistible desire for something new, trendy and fresh. What trends have demonstrated on world fashion weeks?


The most persistent trend for evening dresses is lace and guipure. They can be present as a finish or serve as the main material. Lace is always the right solution, it triumphantly runs along the catwalks and reached budget brands. It is described by the most attractive epithets: “feminine”, “luxurious”, “sexy”.

It is important that the lace be of high quality, otherwise the dress will lose all its charm. A worthy choice of lace evening dresses – krisdan/vechernie – quality guarantee and pleasant prices.

Volan and ruffles

Streams – an unsurpassed tool for arranging accents on the figure. They can hide the weaknesses and emphasize the dignity, distract attention and correct any existing or imaginary problem. In order for frills and ruffles to be guaranteed to be slender, they should be combined with miniature jewelry and elegant stiletto shoes.

Transparent fabrics

The translucent materials of metal and powdery shades are incredibly popular in the evening fashion of the upcoming season. For bold nature, designers offer dresses with mesh inserts decorated with embroidery.

Delicate pastel shades retain their positions-pale pink, violet, cream, pearl, heavenly blue. Such dresses confidently compete with classic red and black – they are advantageously combined with any appearance.

Combining textures

Multilayer dresses, which combine fabrics of different textures, will be relevant in the autumn-winter season. Lace bodice and chiffon skirt, elegant guipure sleeves or lace strokes – this trend is visible in most new collections.

Deep neckline

An exquisite, exciting board with a deep V-neck on the back passes from season to season, without losing relevance. For those who do not have enough extravagance, designers offer trendy options with cuts at the waist.

The emphasis on the waist

In 2018, he also switched a persistent trend for dresses with the emphasized line of the waist. Most often, this is an adjacent bodice and a magnificent skirt of the sun – such a cut, the stylists call universal, since he presents any figure in a favorable light. If desired, you can strengthen the emphasis with a contrasting belt.