Salad paradise pleasure

Features: crab sticks

This salad is perfect for a light dinner or as a decoration of a festive table in the form of a light snack. Cooked very quickly, but as a result it turns out a delicious and nutritious dish. Crab sticks have recently become a constant attribute of our table, but the number of original recipes with their use is already worthy of a huge culinary book.


Crab sticks – 300 g.

Garlic-2-3 cloves

Middle tomatoes – 2 pcs.

Beijing cabbage – 200 g.

Salt, pepper, mayonnaise, greens – to taste

Cut off the thawed or cooled crab sticks in small cubes. Peking cabbage cut into strips. Tomatoes are cut at the request of cubes or thin slices.

Greens need to be washed and dry well. After that, finely, avoiding the ingress of large pods into the salad. Garlic chokes through a garlic or in its absence is rubbed into a porridge in a mortar. All ingredients are poured into one bowl and are thoroughly mixed, the salad is salted and fits to taste. After that, you need to season with mild mayonnaise. These ingredients are added to taste, since not everyone loves a large amount of mayonnaise or prefers unsalted food.

The salad is piquant and everyone will like, and the ease of its preparation makes it a frequent guest at the table.