If lipids, fats and cholesterol penetrate the walls of arteries and large volume, then the walls of arteries become convex forming plaques. It is very difficult to pass through such areas, it turns out to swear blood, blood cells begin to contact each other and blood cells die. Settling on plaques and increase their size.

The body cannot remove substances such as dead blood bodies or accumulation of fats, the body perceives it as foreign bodies. Subsequently, the body remains to isolate all the substances foreign for it from healthy cells and covers everything with connective tissue. This processed process is completed – atherosclerotic plaques.

A few centimeters can reach the size of the plaque. The resulting large plaques can merge and fill the entire lumen of the arteries. Subsequently, blood circulation is disturbed, the blood that was delivered to the tissues and organs in such vessels begins to starve, and chronic lack of blood supply is formed. To these organs and fabrics.

Atherosclerosis can provoke a parcel thrombus. This thrombus can clog the entire artery when it comes off. This leads to acute vessels, for example, a heart attack.

Atherosclerosis affects arteries, with damage to the coronary artery, various heart diseases can develop, such as coronary disease. With damage to brain arteries, this leads to a stroke. And with damage to the arteries of the legs, intermittent chroma develops.

Atherosclerosis of the vessels of your feet

It is known that atherosclerosis is a very common body disease. Signs of atherosclerosis are pain in the calf muscles of the legs when running and walking, as well as when climbing the stairs. Atherosclerosis develops and spreads on the foot, lower leg and on the femoral part of the leg. During the day you may not feel pain, only in the evening the pain makes itself felt. In the next stage of the disease, the foot is numb, the skin of the legs and finger acquires a not pleasant blue tint. The skin of the lower leg and foot is thinner. The muscles of the foot and lower legs are atrophy, ulcers appear between the fingers. Ulcers over time are covered with purulent raids. We will write a separate article about chronic cystitis, and place health in the section.

For what causes atherosclerosis of the vessels appear

To date, the main cause of atherosclerosis has not been identified. Such factors can be attributed to the occurrence of atherosclerosis as a hereditary factor, various types of viruses, violation of fat metabolism in the body and violation of the correctness of the body’s immune system. But the most important cause of which atherosclerosis occurs is an increase in blood cholesterol. After all, the basis of atherosclerotic plaques is cholesterol.

As you know, cholesterol is included in the process of synthesis of various hormones and also vitamin D, the growth of bones in the human body depends on this process.

By oxidation of cholesterol, bile acids are formed. Its their formation in the liver, without this process, the normal operation of the digestive system of a healthy organism is not possible without this process.

According to the circulatory system from the liver and intestines, cholesterol enters all the organs of our body and all this thanks to the circulatory system. Cholesterol fat -like substance, and it cannot dissolve in water. And as is known for movement along blood riverbeds, cholesterol should be a soluble substance. Cholesterol is covered with a special shell of water -soluble proteins that are contained in the body called lipoproteins.

Lipoproteins are divided into two types. High density can even be called so “good” cholesterol and also low density T. D. “Bad” cholesterol, “good”, as it were, begins to catch excess cholesterol from the blood, for processing in the liver, “bad” cholesterol begins to depart on the walls of the vessels.

The main problem is that cholesterol is about 80% recreated itself, and “good” cholesterol is sufficient and 20%.

Consider the daily diet of our nutrition, we use flour products, sausages, various hamburgers and cheesburgers in large volume, as well as a large preference of fried potatoes, daily intake of such products leads to various problems and various kinds of diseases. The above these foods contain a large amount of the so -called “poor” cholesterol, which is very harmful to the proper operation of the whole organism.